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350vip3522vip:苏明明等:Measuring Tourism Impacts on Community Well-being at the Hani Rice Terraces GIAHS Site, Yunnan Province of China


ABSTRACT:To reflect the intricate relationships between heritage, tourism, and community pertinent to Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS), the framework of community well-being is adapted to evaluate the status and changes to destination communities imposed by conservation and tourism initiatives. A multi-stakeholder, mixed-method approach is adopted using qualitative interviews and a quantitative questionnaire survey at two villages of the Hani Rice Terraces, Yunnan Province of Western China. Results show that positive impacts from tourism are mainly concentrated on the environmental, conservation, and development dimensions. However, the lack of improvements in the education and health dimensions negatively affected the well-being of the local community. In particular, the subjective well-being is reduced with the increasing need for education induced by tourism. The evolution of community well-being is explored and portrayed through well-being hexagons and measures to enhance the positive impacts of tourism are proposedfor GIAHS and other heritage sites or protected areas.

KEYWORDS:Agricultural heritagesystem; China; communitywell-being; Hani RiceTerraces; heritage tourism;tourism impacts


关键词: 农业文化遗产地;社区福祉;哈尼梯田;遗产旅游;旅游影响

原载于Society & Natural Resources(A-期刊,2023 Impact Factor = 3.024)